The Dingle Group

Professionals focused on delivering growth and knowledge.  We are technical professionals with years of business experience in the software and energy industries.   We are focused on sustainability and renewability.

The International Energy Agency defines renewable energy as “energy derived from natural sources”.  The Oxford Dictionary defines energy as “the strength and vitality for sustained mental or physical activity”.  Whether producing power to run our homes and businesses, or engaging and growing yourself or your employees, for long term sustainability of business and the environment leaders must find new ways to achieve these goals.

What do we do?

The Dingle Group delivers coaching, training, designs and approaches to transform your teams into dynamic growth engines.  Blending a Deliberately Development organizational philosophy with our Awareness for Growth Framework, you and your teams will learn how unintended actions have been preventing the personal and business growth desired.

We believe that when an organization grows its people, it grows its business.  Businesses that establish relationships of genuine trust and value between the firm and their employees, haverepeatedly demonstrated superior performance with reduced turnover and more consistent innovation than businesses that regard their employees as resources, resources that are discarded and changed with each quarterly call.   

As we believe in sustainable and renewable organizational cultures, we also are firm believers in the rapid and dynamic changes happening in the world of energy production and distribution.  We are launching The Renewable Ecosystem Report.  We define the renewable energy ecosystem as the production, distribution, consumption and service of energy from renewable energy sources.  Over time we will go deeper into each area, "peeling back the onion” to give insight into the current status, challenges and opportunities in the global renewable energy ecosystem.