Complexity and Leadership

Michael believes that all organizations have an immense pool of talent and capability that lies unexplored and untapped within their existing team members, and he is passionate about unlocking that talent and growing those people.  In a world where the rate and complexity of change increases every year, the teams that are able to develop the ways and means to unlock this potential will realize the greatest impact.  

Michael grew up in Canada, and upon completing an Engineering degree, he moved to the US, and worked there for nearly 30 years.  His professional exposure has been widely varied from writing software for industrial control systems, to the architecting and implementation of complex enterprise IT solutions, and finally immersion in the world of Blockchain and decentralized governance constructs.   As a Managing Director for Pitney Bowes Software Professional Services, Michael ran their services business across North and South America.  He has worked with customers on every continent except Antarctica, and continues to embrace opportunities to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Michael is driven by a deep desire to learn and grow.  It is this deep rooted curiosity that moved him to recently complete an MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Worchester Polytechnic Institute, adding to his early  Master’s of Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology.  It was during his MBA that Michael’s passion for growing people found a channel in the Constructive Development work of Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey and Jennifer Garvey Berger, and has led him to begin his Growth Edge Coaching certification.  Michael is particularly interested in creating environments for cross generational (late and early career professionals) innovation.

Michael is currently living in Vienna, Austria (his third country, and a new language) with his wife and dackel (or dachshund) Amber.  He has two grown children who are now both living in Europe.  Michael is a passionate reader, a student of history, fascinated by technology, a gardener (now learning the art of container gardening) and avid rower.