Michael Shea


First the usual stuff, I am an engineer by training, who loves a serious (or boring as my wife says) conversation, and realizes great enjoyment by aiding people and organizations to meet their full potential.  I have spent a full career leading and working with people and organizations around the world delivering systems for Pitney Bowes Software that increase customer engagement and improve operational efficiency.  I have worked with customers and teams on all continents except Antartica, and enjoyed every interaction (even the uncomfortable ones).  I have lots of letters after my name, these just really say I love to learn and grow, I am not comfortable sitting back and staying put.  My current technology focus area is the realm of digital identity, decentralization (Blockchain and DLT’s) and the current opportunity window opened by the decentralization movement to re-imagine how we can extend value creation of the commons beyond just Open Source. I believe that we have entered the era of coopetition, where ecosystems will be able to unlock potential by leveraging hidden potential and drive innovation that will enable the creation of new business models and whole new areas of value creation. Fundamental to this effort is the equitable and responsible treatment of data.

Now the unusual stuff… .  In the fall of 2014 I embarked on a new adventure, an adventure that led me to the realization that within every organization there lies a the hidden potential that is untapped and despairs for realization.  The later career employee, the former rising star that for what ever life reason stepped off the fast track and has been shunted aside, this is the person who’s professional knowledge is deep but no longer looked for.  These people are scattered throughout all organizations, marginalized and frustrated, they are an enormous latent capability that is seeking a way to relight the spark of growth.  In my adventures I have directly experienced the excitement and joy of re-ignition and now look to pass this experience on to others.  

Finally, the really different stuff.  My interests range widely from reading (history, economics, psychology, science fiction, fiction, poetry,…) to rowing to gardening to blacksmithing and dry stone wall building.  These wide ranging interests over time have provided me with connecting insights and inspiration more times than I can count. I have now come to realize that my immersion into the world of the virtual must be countered by the world of the physical and that the handling of ‘real’ materials fulfills a deep need within myself.